About Renovation Church


Renovation Church is a robust community of believers who meet every Sunday at Boot Barn Hall.

In 2020, Lead Pastor Brady Boyd and the Senior Leadership Team of New Life Church of Colorado Springs did three amazing things:

  • Prayed
  • Listened
  • Sent

As a result, they determined a great way to reach more people with the Good News of Jesus Christ at that time (which was during the COVID-19 Pandemic) was to start a church on the growing northern edge of Colorado Springs, about 20 minutes from their New Life North site. So, they allocated some resources, commissioned a guy named Rusty Hayes (who was a pastor on their staff living in Monument, CO), and gave him the freedom to ask people from their church to help with the vision.

With an eager team of people gathered from the community who either had no church home or were searching for one, Renovation Church was born. The church’s Launch Team started meeting in New Life Church’s World Prayer Center on June 28, 2020.

Sunday Service at the Boot Barn Hall



We are built on relationships with God and with others. Ministry happens at the speed of relationships, so healthy relationships are essential to how we operate.


We enthusiastically seek the life-giving power of the Holy Spirit and create space for Him to operate in our fellowship. As Moses stated, if His “Presence does not go with us,” we do not want to go (Exodus 33:15).


Our culture of being gut-level real is a strong and defining hallmark of our ministry and a blessing to those who are sincere about knowing and growing in Christ.


We strive to be real people serving a real God who really loves all of us. Through the love of Christ, we love others.




Renovation Church is an autonomous congregation that is affiliated with its sponsoring church, New Life Church of Colorado Springs. In the spirit of Christian unity, we also choose to cooperate with like-minded churches and organizations like The Association of Related Churches (ARC), which is also partnering with us in this project. We are about the Lord Jesus Christ and support cooperation between like-minded Christian organizations to accomplish His purposes in our area and throughout the world.