Do you have a servant's heart?

Sunday Morning Greeter

Do you love meeting people with a friendly smile, a pleasant wave or a warm handshake? Then partner with us on a Sunday morning to greet our church family as they make their way in the doors of our church! Contact Judi Hayes at jhayes@therenovationchurch.org


Are you an early riser, arrive at church early and are in no rush to leave, then you would fit right in with our volunteers who help make our church possible every Sunday! We have many jobs that need to be filled to get service going and when finished on Sunday mornings. We would love your help! Contact Matt Capobianco at mpocapobianco@gmail.com


Children’s Ministry

Is your servant’s heart in children’s ministry? We would love to have your help in our childcare during Sunday service! What better way to share the gospel than with our youngest family members. Contact Shawntee’ Birrer at shawnteebirrer@yahoo.com

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Student Ministry

Volunteer to assist Kendall on our Student Ministry team that meets every Sunday after service. The youth, aged 5th grade to 12th grade, meets in a group setting to study the Bible. Contact Kendall at kendall.warman23@gmail.com

Photography/social media

If you are an amateur photographer and want to gain some more skills taking pictures then we would love to have you on our team! If photography isn’t your thing, or maybe it is, what about social media? Most everyone has a social media account, but have you ever ran one for a business before, and it comes easy to you? We are looking for people to partner with our team in running our social media accounts too. Contact Mindy Warman at mindywarman@gmail.com


Are you Tech savvy and want to use your skills to help our Tech Team during Sunday Service? We could sure use your help! Contact Tech at techadmin@therenovationchurch.org


Do you have experience mantaining a website? We need you! Help us keep our website up to date with your knowledge and skills. Contact Tech at techadmin@therenovationchurch.org

Event planning

Are you great at planning and organizing? We need someone that’s enthusiastic about lake baptism’s, park picnics, and Christmas Eve service! We would love to hear any other ideas you can think of! Help us bring our congregation together for special events. Contact Nichole Joslyn at nmjoslyn@gmail.com

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Coffee & Donuts

Join our Hospitality Team in picking up coffee some Sunday or donuts once a month and having the station set up for our church family before service begins. Contact Rhonda Boldyzar at hboldyzar@comcast.net